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What are the applications of medium speed wire cutting machines

May. 28, 2021

The WEDM uses spark discharge between electrode wire and workpiece, and the electric spark corrodes metal at high temperature in a moment. Therefore, the WEDM can process high hardness metals such as quenched steel and hard alloy. And the electrode Mo wire does not directly contact with the workpiece during the processing, and there is no cutting force, so the machining precision is high and the surface quality is good! It can be used to process some precise parts with complex shape.


Because the storage cylinder drives the molybdenum wire to make a high-speed movement of positive and negative alternation, molybdenum wire also has losses, but the erosion phenomenon mainly occurs on the workpiece, so the corrosion rate of molybdenum wire is slow, and it can be used for a long time. The molybdenum wire is about 12% higher than the molybdenum wire standard, and the service life is about 1.2 times of other brands.


The WEDM is widely used. The light industry, building materials industry, motor industry, powder metallurgy, electronic precision instrument and manufacturing industry are all the figures of wire cutting machine tools, especially the stator and rotor of the motor, punching of instrument box, bending die, injection molding die of TV, refrigerator washing machine, aluminum profile extrusion die, aluminum profile extrusion die, forming die, hydraulic pneumatic component die casting die, etc, There are also carbide inlaid forming turning tools, disc blade cutting tools processing, chemical industry, chemical fiber equipment of spinneret, fine seam processing.

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