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Fuselage castings are naturally aged in one year, stress relief by high temperature annealing, secondary tempering, fatigue resistance and no deformation. "T" type fuselage base, X, Y workbench when moving will not exceed the fuselage

base range, ensuring the stability of the machine tool. The bed is cast with resin sand and heat treated twice at high temperature. The

deformation of the machine tool is effectively controlled. The whole machine is made of HT250 castings. Imported precision linear guide, imported double nut precision ball screw, keep mechanical accuracy for a long time. C-type structure, working full support, two-way constant tension tightening wire, imported linear guide, screw rod, to ensure the long-term accuracy of the equipment. Excellent characteristics ---Fast moving and jumping, using automatic electronic lubrication device. The surface roughness, cutting efficiency, loss of molybdenum wire and other indicators are in the forefront of domestic cutting with low voltage, non-resistance and constant current high frequency power supply.