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  • LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine

  • LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine

  • LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine

  • LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine

  • LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine

LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine

Quick Details:

LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine Characteristics:

1、The main machine adopts high quality 250 resin sand, which has been tempered many times to eliminate internal stress and keep the accuracy of machine tool unchanged for a long time.

2、Bidirectional constant tension tensioning wire structure, long time processing without manual tensioning wire, so that the precision and surface quality of the processed workpiece has been strongly guaranteed.

3、Filament barrel motion bearing adopts all imported precision bearing, which has longer service life. The guide wheel adopts special high precision guide wheel and all imported bearings, which greatly increases the service life.

4.The filter device of slow-moving silk water tank, special water-based cutting fluid and multi-layer filtering system are adopted. The self-suction pump has better performance and longer service life, which lays a foundation for high precision and roughness of the processing surface.

5.One-stop automatic centralized oil supply device can lubricate X, Y guideways, screw rods, barrel guides and screw rods, and ensure the service life of machine tools.

6.The system is a complete set of WEDM solutions. AutoCut system is composed of AutoCut system software, motion control card based on PCI bus, high reliability, servo drive control motherboard, AC high frequency discharge board and sampling circuit. AutoCut system software includes AutoCAD WEDM module, NCCAD (including WEDM module), CAXA AutoCut plug-in and machine tool control software.

    In order to ensure the accuracy of each machine, Longkai uses Renishau laser interferometer to check the positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy of the equipment. The high-configuration guide wheel and guide nozzle are adopted in the silk hauling system. The reasonable layout completely solves the problem of single side loosening and makes the machined surface achieve uniform roughness.

   It can carry out multiple cutting, with the function of user-maintained process library, intelligently control the processing speed and parameters, so as to improve the surface finish and dimensional accuracy, and make multiple processing simple and reliable.

Performance of thewholeEquipment  typeUnitLK  -400S
FuselageHost Size (Length *Width *Height)mm1700*1300*2160

Total weight
WorkbenchWorkbench size (width x length)mm740*460
TravelX-axis travelmm320

Y-axis travelmm400

Z-axis travelmm300
CNC Power SupplyPulse widthus1-250

Wire speed

Cutting numbertime1-7

Mini Mechanical Driving Equivalentum1

Pulse Resolutionum0.4
 Processing capacitySpindle stroke (electrically adjustable)mm250

Max.cutting  slope/workpiece thickness

Max. Bearing Capacity of Workbenchkg300
Machining  accuracyLocation accuracy X/Ymm≤0.01

Repeated positioning accuracy X/Ymm≤0.005

Multi-tool Cutting Accuracymm

≤0.005( 40mm,Cut one and repair two.

MaterialSKD11 or Cr12,HRC58)

Optimum Surface Roughnessum

Ra≤1.0(MaterialSKD11 or Cr12,HRC58)

Maximum cutting efficiencymm²∕min≥220

Common cutting efficiency mm²∕min≥140

Max. Processing CurrentA≥6-8
 Processing efficiencyNo-load Voltage of Machining Power SupplyV100

Power consumptionKW≤2.3
Wire  traveling systemElectrode wire diametermm∮0.12-∮0.2

Wire  barrel traveling speed
Frequency control

Tightening method
Two-way automatic tightening

Wire travelling speedm/s3-12
Working grooveFiltration accuracyum<10

Filtration mode
Slow-Walking Filtration

Working fluid
Special cutting fluid
Environment and electricityElectric power
380V±10% / 50/60Hz / 2kVA

T15-30℃ / humidity40-80%


sample pictures

LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine

LK-400S Medium speed WEDM machine