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What are the processing methods of surface grinder

Jul. 09, 2021

The surface grinder mainly uses the grinding wheel to rotate and grind the workpiece, so that it can achieve the required flatness

1Clamping method of elastic gasket

The elastic clamping mechanism is used to realize the positioning and clamping of the sheet workpiece in the free state when grinding the sheet workpiece on the surface grinder. A layer of rubber with thickness of 0.5mm is padded between the workpiece and the magnetic worktable. When the workpiece is affected by the magnetic attraction, the rubber is compressed and the elastic deformation becomes smaller, so that the flat plane of the workpiece can be ground. Repeated grinding for several times can meet the requirements of machining accuracy.

2Using temporary measures to strengthen the rigidity of sheet work pieces

Epoxy resin is used to bond the sheet to a flat plate in free state. Place the plate and the sheet on the magnetic chuck. After grinding the plane of one end of the sheet, remove the sheet from the flat plate, put the flat side on the magnetic chuck, and then grind the plane of the other end of the sheet. Due to the fluidity of epoxy resin before hardening, it can fill the gap between the sheet workpiece and the flat plate. When the epoxy resin is hardened, the workpiece and the plate are bonded together to form a whole, thus greatly enhancing the rigidity of the workpiece.

3Mechanical clamping mode

The flat tongs attached to the surface grinder are used to absorb the thin workpieces by the magnetic worktable. Because the flat tongs have a certain height, the magnetic force on the jaws is small. The feed rate is gradually reduced to grind one plane of the sheet workpiece and then take it off. At this time, the ground plane is put on the magnetic worktable, and then the other plane of the sheet workpiece is grinded again and again, and the flatness of the two planes meets the requirements.

4Vacuum clamping mode

The pressure of atmosphere is used to clamp the workpiece for grinding. Its working principle is: the clamp is provided with a rubber sealing ring, and the sheet workpiece is placed on the rubber sealing ring, so as to form a sealing cavity between the workpiece and the clamp. The vacuum pump is used to draw the indoor air from the air extraction hole, and the workpiece is clamped. Because of the small clamping force, the circular grinding method can be used for grinding. When one end of the workpiece is ground and the other end of the workpiece is ground, the above method can be used and satisfactory results can also be obtained

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