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  • DK7725 High Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting

  • DK7725 High Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting

  • DK7725 High Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting

  • DK7725 High Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting

DK7725 High Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting

Quick Details:

DK7725 High Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting

  High efficiency fast wire cutting is a set of machine tool electrical appliances, high frequency power supply, servo control and graphics programming as one, to achieve high efficiency, high precision, high finish, simple processing control, greatly improve the processing level of fast wire cutting machine. Flexible commutation with frequency converter is adopted in machine tool commutation, which can arbitrarily adjust the speed of wire conveyor drum, thereby improving the smoothness of workpiece. High efficiency (cutting efficiency can reach 7000 to 8000 square millimeters per hour) is twice the cutting efficiency of ordinary machine tools. Energy saving (machine energy consumption is 0.85 degrees per hour) is 50% more energy saving than that of ordinary machine tools. Environmental protection (machine tool environmental protection water cover to prevent working fluid splashing) can be replaced once in 30 working days by using high-pressure filter water tank working fluid, which greatly improves working time and reduces the number of sewage discharge. The electrical parts of the machine tool are all installed in the control cabinet for waterproof treatment, and all the oil supply is integrated with manual oil pump.

1.Select paired clearance-free bearings to improve accuracy.

2. Selection of high quality ball screw    

3. Using steel-inlaid guide rail      

4. Good assembly process requirements

5.By using frequency converter, the speed of the wire drum can be adjusted arbitrarily, thus improving the smoothness of the workpiece.

6.Conventional processing efficiency can reach 150 mm2/min.

2Electrical cabinet formVertical cabinet (full step type)
3GuideSteel rail
4Lead screw formBall screw
5Xyuv motion motor formReactive stepping motor
6Working mode of wire conveying motorFrequency converter speed regulation1~12m/s
7Machine tool protectionEnvironmental protection cover
8Resolution of motion axis0.001mm
9Table size620X400
10X, y axial stroke250X350mm
11U, V axis travel±35×±35mm,(±60×±60m)
12Machining taper / machining thickness±6°(±15°)/80mm

Maximum straight

 cutting thickness

300mm(Z-axis manual lifting)
14control mode4 axis linkage
15Maximum load capacity160 kg
16Maximum processing current8A
17Maximum Machining 
≥180 mm²/m,
Aluminum cutting≥220 mm²/m
18Surface roughness(Straight line cutting H≤40mm)Ra≤2.0μm
19Cutting accuracyCr12,H=40mm≤0.01mm
20Radial runout of wire storage cylinder≤0.02mm

Molybdenum wire

 diameter range

22Wire storage capacity
of wire storagecylinder
23Loss of molybdenum wireCr12,H=40mm≤0.02mm
24Cutting power supplyHigh frequency power supply
system without resistance
25operating systemWindows XP
26Control systemAUTOCUT
27communication interfaceLAN、RS232、USB
28Operation functionDrawing or CAD (DXF) drawing import
29Volume of working tank90L
30Working fluid filtration modeFilter screen filtration
31Weight of whole machine1200 kg
32Overall dimension of main engine1350x1150x1600mm
33Cabinet size730×630×1820mm
34Rated power of electric appliance≤ 2.7kW

sample pictures

High Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting DK7725

High Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting DK7725