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Problems encountered in the work of medium speed wire cutting machine

Jul. 19, 2021

In order to ensure the stability of its work, it is necessary to continuously cut the wire, because its broken wire is closely related to the work efficiency.


Now many of them use emulsion containing machine oil as working fluid. After cutting, the workpiece will adhere to the substrate and can only be separated by knocking. Second, the surface of the workpiece adheres to the processing waste, which requires kerosene cleaning.


Because of the high temperature generated during operation, the emulsified material decomposes into particles, sticks to the workpiece and accumulates in a large amount, which seriously affects the chip removal, even discharges in the gap of colloidal material, the workpiece and electrode wire are not cooled in time, the insulation state is abnormal, the proportion of normal discharge is reduced, the cutting efficiency is reduced, the surface of the workpiece is burned, the commutation stripe is serious, and the durability of molybdenum wire is lost, Lead to broken wire.


Therefore, emulsion will limit the cutting efficiency of WEDM. Therefore, in order to break through such limitations, water-based working fluids must be used, which not only reduces silk consumption, improves machining efficiency, improves surface finish, but also has the advantages of environmental protection, recyclability, tasteless, and no foam.

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