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  • SK703-3040 CNC EDM Drill

  • SK703-3040 CNC EDM Drill

  • SK703-3040 CNC EDM Drill

SK703-3040 CNC EDM Drill

Quick Details:

SK703-3040 CNC EDM Drill 


   This machine is a high-speed EDM equipment with small holes. The copper tube is used as the electrode and guided by the guide. A high-efficiency pulse power supply is applied between the electrode and the workpiece. In the process, the Spindle-driven electrode is servo-fed under the control of the servo system, and pulse high-frequency discharge is generated between the electrode and the workpiece, which can control the erosion of the workpiece. In the process, the high-pressure water quality working fluid is ejected from the inner hole of the electrode, and the chips are forced to be discharged and cooled in the processing area to ensure the smooth processing. Machining aperture range is generally in the range of 0.2-4. The depth-diameter ratio of the aperture is about 1 mm can reach 300:1, and the processing speed is generally 1-40/min. It can penetrate directly from the inclined surface and surface without the limitation of hardness and toughness of the material. CNC EDP is a set of advanced functions such as Z-axis deep precise processing, X-axis and Y-axis servo detection, and it is easy to use and operate. Single, stable, reliable, wide range of applications and other characteristics of products. It can be used for deep and precise small holes which are difficult to be machined by many traditional processing methods, such as cutting perforation, blowhole, group holes and nozzle holes of various metals and super-hard conductors.

Control system

1、X, Y and Z motion axes are driven by AC servo motor.

2、The control system adopts industrial computer, LCD color display and USB interface. The control software developed independently by our company is adopted.

3、It realizes 3-axis point-to-point NC, and each NC axis has the function of travel limitation.

4、Coordinate display, processing status display, processing point display;

5、Single hole processing time monitoring;

6、It has the function of power outage memory and the function of sending messages when the electrodes are used up.

7、Driver failure alarm;

worktable travel ( mm)300*400
Spindle head stroke ( mm)300
servo travel ( mm)400
Electrode diameter ( mm)0.2-4
Max. Machining Speed ( mm/min)40-60
Max. aspect ratio300-1
Working fluidrunning water
Working pressure ( mpa)7
Max. Processing Current (A)303
Max. power consumption (KVA) 3
control modeBasic three-axis CNC,multi-axis CNC
can be customized according to customers, up to 7 axes