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Classification of machining centers

May. 31, 2021

According to the spindle layout of the machine tool, it can be divided into the following three types:

(1) Vertical machining center:

It refers to the machining center with vertical spindle.

It has the advantages of convenient operation, easy clamping and alignment of workpiece, small floor area and so on, so it is widely used. However, due to the height of the column and the limitation of the automatic tool changer, too high parts can not be processed. Therefore, it is mainly suitable for processing plate and shell parts with small height and size, and the processing surface is perpendicular to the spindle axis, and it can also be used for mold processing.

(2) Horizontal machining center:

It refers to the machining center with horizontal spindle.

Most of its worktables are indexable rotary table or CNC rotary table controlled by servo motor. In the one-time clamping of parts, the rotary table can realize the processing of multiple machining surfaces. If it is CNC rotary table, it can also participate in the linkage of each coordinate axis of the machine tool to realize the processing of screw thread. Therefore, it is suitable for the processing of box parts and small mold cavity with more processing contents and higher precision.

It is a kind of machining center with the most types, the most complete specifications and the widest application range.

(3) Composite machining center:

It means that there are vertical and horizontal spindles in a machining center, or the spindle can be changed by 90 ° Or the worktable can drive the workpiece to rotate 90 degrees ° It's a new machining center.

It combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal, but the control system and structure of the machine tool are very complex and expensive. It is mainly suitable for machining complex box parts and parts with complex curves (such as propeller blades and various complex molds).

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