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The advantages of Servo Mid-speed WEDM machine

Jun. 02, 2021

1. High precision: the precision of Servo Mid-speed WEDM refers to the accuracy of output quantity to reproduce input quantity. Including positioning accuracy and contour machining accuracy.

2. Good stability: stability means that the system can reach a new or return to the original equilibrium state after a short adjustment process under the action of given input or external interference. It directly affects the accuracy and surface roughness of NC machining.

3. Fast response: fast response is an important index of the dynamic quality of the Servo Mid-speed WEDM, which reflects the tracking accuracy of the system.

4. Wide speed range: the speed range refers to the ratio of the highest speed and the lowest speed that the motor can provide. 0~24m/min。

5. Low speed and high torque: servo control of feed coordinate belongs to constant torque control, which should be maintained in the whole speed range; The servo control of spindle coordinate is constant torque control at low speed, which can provide larger torque. Constant power control at high speed, with enough output power.

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