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CNC Lathe machine maintenance plan

Jun. 04, 2021

1. CNC Lathe machine Daily inspection items

1.1. The appearance is clean and tidy, and the iron filings and sundries must be cleaned after shutdown;

1.2. Check whether the voltage is normal and whether the air pressure is kept within the range;

1.3. Whether the tool magazine is antirust and whether the inner hole of the spindle is clean;

1.4. Whether the guide rail oil and cutting fluid (oil) are sufficient;

1.5. Whether the equipment operates normally, and whether there is abnormal vibration or abnormal sound;

1.6. Whether the operation keys are flexible and effective, and whether the emergency stop button is effective;

2. CNC Lathe machine Weekly maintenance items

2.1. Cleaning of filter screen of spindle cooler;

2.2. Cleaning of filter screen of heat exchanger;

2.3. Cleaning of filter screen in cutting fluid (oil) tank;

2.4. Release the long quality barrier to preview the downloaded document without watermark

2.5. Clean the control panel and sheet metal protective cover;

2.6. Cleaning of tool holder, chuck and sleeve;

3. CNC Lathe machine Monthly maintenance items

3.1. check the oil level of the main shaft cooler;

3.2. check the oil scraper on the sliding surface and the sliding surface;

3.3. clean the debris of the electric control box after power failure;

3.4. check or replace cutting oil (liquid);

3.5. after cleaning, the oil collecting tank (oil-water separator);

4. CNC Lathe machine Quarterly maintenance items

4.1. Check the lubricating oil of counterweight chain;

4.2. Add 80% of the three-point combination or check and replace with new oil;

4.3. Add oil to booster cylinder or replace with new oil; 5.4.4. Level inspection and adjustment of equipment;

5. CNC Lathe machine Annual maintenance items

5.1. Precision test of machine tool

5.2. Check the coolant of spindle cooler

5.3. Clean the dirt and debris at the bottom of the oil tank.

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