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Key points of taper machining technology of WEDM

Jun. 07, 2021

When the guide wheel radius, the center distance between the upper and lower guide wheels, the distance between the lower guide wheel and the lower plane, the height and taper angle of the workpiece are input, the mathematical model can be made by the program, and the dimensions of the upper plane and the lower plane of the workpiece can be accurately converted into the combined motion values of XY and UV. The step drive with μ as the equivalent can meet the requirements of high precision machining.


In the actual cutting, there are still many errors that directly affect the accuracy, such as the guide wheel radius, the center distance of the guide wheel, the distance from the lower guide wheel to the lower plane and so on. It is difficult to get a very accurate value, and their error values are about 100 times and 1000 times worse than the μ level accuracy. The result is the true calculation of the false number in the running of the program.


Another important reason for the loss of accuracy is that the vertical direction of the upper and lower guide wheels is not in the same position during taper cutting. At this time, the root of the V-shaped groove of the guide wheel is not positioned for the wire, and the V-shaped surface of the V-shaped groove has interfered with the initial position of the wire. This is a variable with extremely uncertain factors, which is a variable with an amplitude from several μ to several mm, and this quantity cannot be compensated in any operation . At the beginning of processing, the perpendicularity between molybdenum wire and worktable should be checked.


Taper cutting is a powerful function of WEDM, which can solve the special problem that no one in machining industry can do. The use of taper function has a skilled process, and the targeted process test and input parameters' influence on the processing results are important experience of taper cutting. Experiment and experience can help you cut taper parts with high accuracy. The first one may not be satisfactory, but the second or third one is sure to get a qualified product. Because changing any one of the input parameters, such as the center distance or taper angle of the upper and lower guide wheels, it can directly control the size of the upper plane or the size of the lower plane. With the first one as a reference, the second one as a revision, and the third one as a success, there is a great possibility. This kind of reference, correction and success after several times, can also be handy. Zhongrui wire cutting machine tool, 30 ° taper cutting precision control ability, can reach about 0.05, widely used in production and processing.

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