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What are the structural features of the CNC lathe

May. 27, 2021

The linear rolling guide of the inclined lathe meets the requirements of high speed, reduces the friction resistance and temperature rise deformation, improves the machining accuracy, and ensures the long-term stability of the machining accuracy. The tool detection equipment can input the position data of the tool tip into the numerical control system actively, which can greatly reduce the stalling time when changing the tool, and also can actively compensate the wear of the tool tip.

Standard equipment: stepless speed regulation of spindle, hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, horizontal eight position tool rest, closed protection; in the design of spindle box of inclined CNC lathe, the method of reducing thermal deformation of spindle is adopted to ensure the relative stability of spindle axis when the spindle works for a long time. Slant bed CNC lathe adopts full slant bed structure, which can maintain the stability of machine accuracy when re cutting.

Inclined CNC lathe is a kind of active machine tool with high precision and high efficiency. The machine tool is equipped with multi station turret or power turret, which has a wide range of technical performance. It can process linear cylinder, oblique cylinder, arc and all kinds of thread, groove, worm and other debris, and has linear interpolation, arc interpolation, a variety of compensation functions, and has played a prominent economic effect in the mass production of messy parts.

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