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Cleaning and installation of filter water tank of WEDM

May. 24, 2021

The circulating multi-layer filtering mode is adopted in the circulating filtering water tank of medium speed WEDM. After long-term use, a large amount of electric erosion products and impurities are accumulated in the filter screen and filter paper core in the water tank, which affects the filtering effect and needs to be removed for cleaning

1. Screw off the connecting nut between the metal hose and the box, cancel the top cover, open the nut fixing the paper core, take out the paper core, and rinse it with tap water

2. Loosen the connecting nut between the metal hose and the box body to drain the sewage, drain the sewage in the round box body and wash it clean, and then drain the sewage in the water tank. There is a water outlet in the front and back of the water tank. Loosen the nut

3. After the water tank is cleaned, the emulsion can be matched. After matching, put the round tank into the water tank, firmly connect the metal hose with it, then install the filter paper core, tighten the fixing nut and the top cover nut

4. After the water tank is assembled, connect the machine tool, connect the water inlet hose of the machine tool to the water outlet of the water tank, and clamp the hose with the clamp ring

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