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  • Z3050-Radial Drilling Machine

Z3050-Radial Drilling Machine

Quick Details:

Product Introduction :

The radial drill is widely used in machining. It can be used for drilling, reaming, countersinking, reaming and tapping. It can also be used for boring under the condition of technological floor clam.

Product Features :

a. The appearance is generous and the overall layout is symmetrical and harmonious.

b. It is easy to operate with mechanical speed change.

c. The structure is reliable and the manufacture is excellent, which can ensure the accuracy of the machine tool.

d. The electrical system is safe and reliable.

Techical Parameters :


Z3050×16/1 Parameters

 Maximum drilling diameter


 carbon steel 50    Cast iron 68

Distance between spindle center line and column bus



Distance between spindle end and base worktable



Spindle travel


 Manual 315  automatic 315

Spindle taper hole (Morse)


Spindle speed range



Progression of the spindle speed


Spindle feed range



Spindle feed series


Worktable size



Horizontal movement distance of Headstock



Main motor power



Machine weight



Dimensions of machine tool (length × width × height)



Working environment temperature of machine tool

 Less than 75 ℃, avoid direct sunlight

Working temperature of machine tool

 Less than 75 ℃

The machine tool is far away from the environment with excessive dust and corrosive gas. In order to improve the permanent accuracy of the machine tool, if possible, the machine can be installed in a relatively closed place, and air conditioning can be installed to keep constant temperature