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The Historical Source of CNC Punch Machine

Jul. 09, 2019

Everyone knows that everything people use now is invented by human wisdom. CNC punch is an indispensable mechanical equipment in any country in modern life. How did CNC punch be invented? This will be traced back to the mid-20th century, when the Lazarenko couple of the Soviet Union studied the phenomenon and causes of the switch contacts being damaged by spark discharge corrosion, they found that the instantaneous high temperature of the spark can cause partial metal to melt and oxidize and be corroded, thus creating and inventing the method of spark processing. Only then did they have the origin of the present CNC piercing machine. Wire-cut machine tool discharger was also invented in the Soviet Union in 1960. At that time, the projector was used to view the outline before and after the work table. In fact, it was thought that although the processing speed was slow, it could process the fine shapes that traditional machinery was not easy to process. A practical example is the special-shaped hole processing of chemical weaving nozzles. The processing fluid used at that time was mineral oil (lamp oil). High insulation, small distance between poles, lower processing speed than current machinery, limited practicability. The NC technology was first exhibited at the 1969 Paris Work Motorcycle Exhibition by Swiss EDM Machinery Manufacturing Factory to improve the processing speed and establish the safety of unmanned operation. But NC paper tape is very difficult to make. If we do not use the automatic programming of large computer, it will be a great burden to users. Prior to the advent of cheap automatic programming devices, popularization was slow.

The WEDM machine developed by Japanese manufacturer with minicomputer automatic programming is cheap and popularized rapidly. The machining shape of WEDM is quadratic contour. Simple APT is widely used in automatic program devices (APT language is easier than formal models). The appearance of simple APT is an important factor in the development of WEDM.

The Historical Source of CNC Punch Machine

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