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Problems and solutions of EDM piercer

Jun. 24, 2021

Many customers often report some small problems of EDM drilling and don't know how to solve the problem. In fact, many EDM drilling have no problems. The key problem is that the customers are not familiar with the machine tool and do not understand the operation, which is the main reason for the problems.

The following is some simple "troubleshooting" methods, hope to do some help to users.


Unstable processing


1. The liquid outlet of electrode is inclined and the liquid outlet is not straight, resulting in unstable processing.

2. This may be caused by the poor quality of the electrode. Please replace the electrode.

3. When machining deep holes, it may be the front end of electrode

4. It is not straight or the center hole of drilling chuck is not concentric with the center hole of guide. If the front end of the electrode is not straight, please change the direction of the electrode. If the center hole is not concentric with the guide, please use the adjusting mandrel to readjust the concentricity.

5. Check whether the clamping of workpiece and electrode is reliable.

6. Processing voltage can not be adjusted, or short circuit or open circuit, servo system may be faulty, please contact the seller or our company.

7. Whether the discharge wire is connected reliably.

8. The electrode quality is not high or there is slag inclusion in the material of the workpiece, resulting in the uneven loss of the electrode end, resulting in the electrode skew. The skew part can be cut off, and better electrode and workpiece materials should be used.


Low processing speed

1. First, check whether the parameter settings are normal.

2. Check whether the working pressure is normal. If it is low, please adjust it to about 7MPa.

3. Whether the flushing fluid is powerful and smooth.

4. The electrode is not straight. After rotating, the electrode moves in a circle.

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