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  • 80200NC fixed beam single end gantry grinding machine

80200NC fixed beam single end gantry grinding machine

Quick Details:

1. Design of high rigidity triangular crossbeam

The crossbeam adopts a triangular structure design, which has excellent high rigidity, bending and torsion resistance; Ensure stability by firmly fitting the center of gravity of the head seat onto the crossbeam, ensuring that the grinding wheel does not bounce during grinding and should not be passivated, thereby improving grinding efficiency and accuracy.

2. Guide rail adhesive Teflon

All guide rails of the machine tool are precision ground and then manually chipped. The guide rails are coated with imported Teflon from Taiwan to reduce damping coefficient, making the machine run more energy-efficient and stable, reducing power consumption, and increasing efficiency.

3. Fully enclosed dustproof guide rail

All guide rails of the machine tool are equipped with dust covers for comprehensive protection, preventing dust and grinding from corroding the guide rails and increasing the service life of the machine.

4. Precision ball guide screw transmission system

The front and rear, upper and lower shafts adopt precision ball screws, paired with a confidential gearbox transmission design, which has self-locking, high transmission efficiency, and high transmission accuracy. Additionally, it is paired with an electronic handwheel, making manual feeding lightweight and precise.

5. Spindle and spindle motor

The flange spindle adopts an ultra precision bevel ball bearing structure design, which provides the spindle with ultra-high grinding rigidity and precision. The main shaft and motor are specially customized by Taiwanese manufacturers, and the coupling uses the MT series imported from Japan, which has undergone precision dynamic balancing treatment to achieve overall V3 level low vibration.

6. Innovative lubrication system

A good lubrication system is the key to ensuring the accuracy and service life of the machine tool guide rail. It is necessary to ensure sufficient all-round lubrication while avoiding waste and oil stains. This machine tool adopts an intermittent oil and circulating oil system in the crossbeam and upper and lower guide rails, which is fuel-saving and worry free.

7. Simple and clear operation console

The meticulously designed CNC system for gantry grinding has turned common functions into button switches, eliminating the need to learn complex programming. The touch screen is simple and clear, making it easy to learn and use. Equipped with an electronic handwheel for easy operation.


1  Description

FATEK PLC+human-machine interface two axis servo control

Maximum X stroke: (hydraulic drive)


Gantry column door width


Horizontal axis Y-direction travel


Grinding height (bottom of horizontal axis grinding wheel)


Workbench processing area


Z-axis minimum micro feed


Horizontal grinding head


Power supply

380V Three-phase

Planar accuracy of 0.01mm/m

The spindle swing is 0.003mm

High frequency processing of the main frame, crossbeam, and upper and lower sliding seats, with the workbench and cross sliding seat pasted with Teflon

2  Parameters



Working area of workbench (X*Y)


Maximum left and right movement (X)


Maximum distance from workbench to spindle center


Maximum distance through the door pillar


Maximum load-bearing capacity of the workbench


Workbench speed


T-shaped groove of workbench


Grinding wheel size


Spindle motor


Grinding wheel speed (50HZ)


Machine height (motion height)


Area cover (length × Width (approximately)


Weight (approximately)