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Quick Details:

DD-703 EDM machine 


1. Machining aperture 0.3-3.0 mm, maximum depth-diameter ratio can reach more than 300:1.

2. Processing speed can reach 5-40 mm per minute, servo stroke 300, can use super-long electrode tube, drug-saving electrode tube 15%.


3. Can process stainless steel, quenched steel, cemented carbide, copper, aluminum and other conductive materials


4.It can penetrate directly from inclined plane and surface.      

5.Servo lifting adopts double linear guide rail and electric lifting, which ensures the processing accuracy and speed of products.  

6.The spindle adopts two-speed control mode, which can double the speed of back-off and closely track the processing time, so as to realize efficient and stable processing of fine electrodes.      

7.Taiwan rotary head processing is stable and leak-free, equipped with high-pressure water pump

8.The X and Y axes of the worktable are equipped with grating digital display, and the operation is accurate.

worktable  size420*560
worktable travel300*400
Spindle head travel300
servo travel300
Electrode diameter0. 3-3.0
Max. machining Speed40-60
Max. Aspect ratio300-1
Working fluidrunning water
Working pressure 7
Max. Processing Current30
Max. power consumption3
control modeZ-Axis Auto
Digital display modeTwo-axis digital display and optional
three-axis digital display