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Problems in application of EDM drilling machine

At present, DM drilling machine can be divided into two forms, one is liquid perforation, the other is gas perforation. In the process of liquid processing, liquid can mainly pass through the hole, which may lead to hole blockage, but the minimum processing diameter is 0.02 mm, and the depth can only reach 300 mm. Because the system passes through gas, it is not easy to block it Process more compact holes.

There are great differences between EDM and WEDM in the process of machining. The machined parts of DM drilling machine should have a certain cross-sectional area or shape, but the WEDM is moving along the electrode wire. In this process, the DM drilling machine should have a corresponding servo motion, and the WEDM needs to have two horizontal directions at the same time Can complete the cutting movement.

Problems in application:

1. The perforator will also encounter some problems in the process of operation. For example, the same type of perforator will have differences in the process of drilling speed. Generally, the reasons for slow drilling speed are various reasons. It is mainly necessary to check the pressure gauge on a water pump to see whether the pressure of the water pump is normal. The water pressure should be controlled at 6 ~ 8Mpa and the water pressure is normal It helps to excrete or ensure the smooth progress of processing.

2. If the perforator is liquid perforation, it is necessary to check whether the rotating head is leaking. If the rotating head is found to be leaking, the sealing ring should be replaced. In this process, the electrode should be known to see if the electrode is congested.

3. The slow speed of the piercer is caused by various problems. The main reason is to check its pulse parameters and short-circuit protection function. If this function is in an effective state, the current can not come out, and the processing speed will be slow. In the process of purchasing the equipment, you can consult the manufacturer and cancel this function directly.