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Overview of Molybdenum Wire EDM

Suzhou Longkai was established in 2008,  with over 12 year's experience in Wire Cutting Machine. Molybdenum Wire EDM is mainly used in the mold production of hole, cavity processing, has become the leading processing method in the mold manufacturing industry, promoting the technological progress of the mold industry.

In the Molybdenum Wire EDM, one electrode of the pulse power supply is connected with the tool electrode and the other electrode is connected with the workpiece electrode. Both poles are immersed in liquid medium (kerosene, mineral oil or deionized water) with a certain degree of insulation. The electrode of the tool is controlled by an automatic feed adjusting device to ensure a small discharge gap (0.01-0.05 mm) between the tool and the workpiece during normal machining. When the pulse voltage is applied between the two electrodes, the liquid dielectric at the nearest point between the electrodes will be broken down under the current conditions, forming a discharge channel. Because the cross-sectional area of the channel is very small and the discharge time is very short, the energy is highly concentrated (10-107w / mm). The instantaneous high temperature generated in the discharge area is enough to melt or even vaporize the material, resulting in a small pit. After the first pulse discharge, after a short interval of time, the second pulse is closest to the other electrode. In this way, the tool electrode is continuously fed to the workpiece, and its shape is finally copied on the workpiece to form the required machining surface. At the same time, a small part of the total energy is also released to the tool electrode, resulting in tool wear.

It can be seen from the above that three conditions must be met for EDM: pulse power supply must be used; automatic feed adjustment device must be used to maintain a small discharge gap between tool electrode and workpiece electrode; spark discharge must be carried out in liquid medium with certain insulation strength (10-107 Ω· m).

The Molybdenum Wire EDM has the following characteristics: it can machine any conductive material with high strength, high hardness, high toughness, high brittleness and high purity; there is no obvious mechanical force during machining, which is suitable for the machining of low stiffness workpieces and micro structures; the pulse parameters can be adjusted according to needs, and rough machining, semi finishing and finishing can be carried out on the same machine tool; the surface after EDM is as follows: The existing pit is beneficial to oil storage and noise reduction; the production efficiency is lower than that of cutting; part of energy is consumed on the tool electrode in the discharge process, resulting in electrode loss and affecting the forming accuracy.