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The Relation between the Machining Hole Accuracy of NC Punch Machine and the Guide

  The guide shell of NC punching machine is made of stainless steel. The inner guide of NC punching machine is made of three 2 20mm artificial gemstone rods. The inner hole of the guide is machined by WEDM machine. Three 2 20mm artificial gemstone rods are installed in the inner hole of the guide. The precision of the guide is more than 0.01mm, and the artificial gemstone rod has strong wear resistance. Such a guide can ensure the processing accuracy of holes.

  In fact, there is a two-piece guide on the market, because it is difficult to ensure the concentricity of the upper and lower pieces of artificial gemstone, and the hole accuracy on the artificial gemstone is not well controlled, so the guide is widely used in ordinary EDM piercing machine.

  The guide of NC punching machine has the advantages of high precision and long durability, and it can also make the guide of NC punching machine with special specifications according to the needs of customers.